Maximising Grades

There’s a tendency to focus on what we’re good at and to continue to improve our strengths. However, huge differences can be made with just a few tweaks to academic weaknesses, especially when it comes to maximising grades.

It’s tempting to keep accentuating the positives because it’s easy. You’re already building on a strong foundation. Yet, if you think about it, paying attention to weaker areas not only ensures an enhanced understanding a learning capacity, it means that ALL areas can be improved, including areas of strength.

We can’t all be strong in every facet of every subject. However, we also shouldn’t be weak in any, especially if we’re aiming at maximising grades. Of course, when it comes to exams, that’s exactly what we want to do.

Exams aside though, concentrating in eradicating areas of weakness can have a profound effect on the learning experience. A student who knows they’re weak in certain elements will be fearful, and this mindset alone can be damaging to academic performance.

Helping students to fill in the blanks and to overcome weaknesses does wonders for self esteem and for confidence. As regular readers will know, I truly believe that the confidence we build in academia sets the stage for all walks of life.

When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Imagine being the student walking into the exam hall. Regardless of how well you know certain topics within the broader subject matter, it’s the weaknesses that will be on your mind. What if the question high scoring questions focus there? What if I don’t get my chance to shine in my areas of strength?

This is enough to sow the seeds of doubt and to negatively impact performance.

Therefore, I encourage those seeking to maximise grades and truly enhance the academic experience, to ensure that areas of weakness are given due consideration and not overlooked in the learning process.

Muhammad Ali

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