Affordable Private Tuition

The subject of private tuition has often been a thorny one, especially as until recently it has been regarded as the preserve of the better off. However, affordable private tuition has never been as accessible as it is today.

A quick search on Google will show that there’s a plethora of choice, appealing to all budgets. The fact is that the mighty pound simply doesn’t go that far these days. If you pop into the supermarket for a few groceries, it’s easy to find yourself looking at £25 plus on the checkout display, and looking at your shopping bag, wondering how those few items cost so much!

However, with private tuition, you’re not buying a product. You may be thinking that you’re buying a service, and you’d be right to an extent.

The reality is that in most cases you’re investing in a desired outcome. If that outcome’s achieved, the price will be long forgotten.

Affordable private tuition is on your doorstep, to be delivered in person or virtually. Online tuition is growing in popularity, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. When one takes into account the convenience and that our children are (so far) the ultimate online generation, it makes complete sense. Online tuition also presents a host of options, while enabling the navigation of trips, holidays and other reasons that may prevent travel to the tutor’s place of work.

As with so many other important acquisitions and investments, there is a strong case of getting what you pay for. An excellent degree does not a great tutor make by default. Of course, great tutors often have a natural affinity for teaching and for their subjects. However, it’s experience built over many years that sets the top tutors apart from the rest.

Unfortunately, the private tuition market has proved popular with those gigging between jobs, resting actors and unemployed degree holders (see point above). A here today, potentially gone tomorrow engagement often does more harm than good from a student’s perspective. Connections are made, trust begins to develop, only to begin anew with someone else.

When seeking affordable tuition, it’s important to consider what you’re investing in. A full-time tutor is 100% focused on the outcomes of his or her students, without distraction. A highly experienced tutor with a track record of success, backed up by references and testimonials will make a more assured investment at every price point.

I’ve spent considerable time seeking out appropriate tutors to add to the MST roster and we’re now able to offer affordable private tuition at a range of fees to suit most budgets.

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