Online Tuition: Is it Right for You?

After many years of delivering one to one private tuition in person, I’ve been surprised by an apparent lack of enthusiasm for online tuition. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of online tuition and whether it’s right for you and your needs.

We live in an online digital world where we’re surrounded by WiFi-connected everything, contactless payments, touch screens and offers made to us based on our location and preferences.

Our children are able to not only play highly complex video games but can do so collaboratively, or in competition with, buddies across the globe. Atari consoles seem a very long way away nowadays!

In the workplace, webinars and video calls are commonplace, and most communication takes place via email and messaging systems.

In other words, whether at home, work, or out in the world, we’re essentially online virtually all day. It’s simply a big part of how we live.

The benefits of online tuition are many, but here are just a few:

  • Flexibility – Online tuition can be delivered anywhere in the world. I’ve recently tutored a student while he was abroad for the summer in Europe.
    I’ve also just taken on a new client in the Middle East, where the time difference works out favourably for both of us.
  • Travel – As a parent, with online tuition, you don’t have to make the trip to the tutor’s place of work. You also have the option to sit in on the lesson, or at least keep at an eye on your child, if you wish to do so. You avoid burning precious time traveling, which has the benefit of a fresher student for the lesson.
  • Focus – Online tuition, when delivered one to one, gives a surprisingly high level of focus. There are fewer distractions (an experienced tutor can tell if a student is attempting to multi-task!)
  • It’s Natural – Our kids are at one with technology. Talking to a tutor in an online tuition session is as natural as talking to a friend on FaceTime. It’s second nature and they just get it.

It’s worth pointing out that the online tuition experience is only going to be as good as the tutor. More accurately, as good as the tutor performs online. Some people just don’t feel comfortable working online or looking into a camera, and that will affect the quality of the lesson.

Personally, I regard online tuition as the natural evolution of the service where we are able to take advantage of the available technologies. I am very happy to tutor students online and have extensive experience of doing so successfully.

Is online tuition suitable for your needs? If you have any questions I’ll be happy to help and advice. You are most welcome to contact me on 0207 686 4307 or at [email protected]