English Tuition and Understanding the Question

There’s little that’s more soul destroying than sitting an exam, having given your all, only to realise that your chances of top marks have been undone by not understanding the question in a key section of the paper.

The ability to comprehend the question and to interpret complex questions such as those that are multiple questions within a question, are key to exam success!

The stories of highly eloquent students waxing lyrical, only to find they missed a key nuance are far too frequent for our liking!

Understanding nuance and having a sharp eye for comprehension and sentence structure can pay huge dividends come exam season. Exams aside, the ability to write powerful and well-constructed essays sets one’s writing apart and engages the reader.

This is a life skill and not just for the exam hall! In today’s digital world, with attentions spans measured in single digit seconds, the ability to resonate and talk to the heart of one’s audience is a highly sought-after skill!

It sounds obvious, but it’s all too common that a confident speaker fails to write to the same degree as their verbal ability. And it simply doesn’t need to be the case.

Our lead English tutor, Farida Ahmed, feels that addressing this one area alone can have a massive impact on most exams subjects and reaps even higher rewards beyond secondary education.

When it comes to personal statements, for example, when everyone has similar exam expectations and achievements, as well as similar extracurricular interests and activities, how can one be expected to stand out?

Yes, by engaging the reader, capturing their imagination and leaving them wanting to know more!

This is before the innumerable advantages of essay writing at university and ultimately, delivering a thesis or dissertation of several thousand words. Imagine being taken on a journey and having your thoughts and ideas provoked and tested versus a hum drum version that trots out the facts and statistics.

The vital information may be in both, but which way would you lean from a marking perspective?

For more information on how English tuition can help improve both confidence and exam grades, feel free to call me on 0207 686 4307.