English Tuition – From Brain to Paper

As native speakers of the English language, it may come as a surprise that many students seek additional support to master this particular discipline. English tuition is becoming more popular and a common reason for this is that even the most articulate of pupils can struggle getting their words into proper written form.

A case in point is a one young chap, who was never lost for words and was only too happy to be part of the debating club, to speak in public and to have an unwavering opinion of things.

When it came to speaking articulately, either one to one, in a group or as a presenter, there was no stopping him. His words flowed from brain to mouth effortlessly, with great with and a certain aplomb.

However, when if came to the written word, you would not have guessed that this was someone whose mother tongue was the English language. Even if you did, you’d have believed it was the work of someone several years younger./

Long and rambling sentences are often the order of the day for some students. However, when combined with poor punctuation and transposed letters, it can become an issue.

Of course, the work is legible, and the key points can still be made. However, a student needs good English for a number of reasons, from understanding complex questions (a topic for another day), to simply being up to the required standards!

The above can very quickly be rectified through English tuition.

In our experience, left unchecked, basic issues with English language in its written form can have a highly negative effect on confidence, which can affect other subjects.

Regular readers will know that we work with our students to achieve a bullet-proof mindset and a high degree of confidence, which carries through all activities both in and out of school.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s confidence or levels of attainment in English, please feel free to call me on 0207 686 4307 or email [email protected].