Terms of Service with your tutor, Muhammad Ali

Lesson Schedules

I run two separate schedules: My main schedule runs during the school term where I tutor each student once per week at the same time each week (I do not do lessons fortnightly).

If you require an occasional week off due to extracurricular activities or holidays, that’s no problem. I simply ask that you notify me in advance (see Cancellation Policy later in this document).

Cancellations should be kept to a minimum to maximise your child’s learning potential. Lessons run from 4-8pm during the week and 8am to 8pm on Saturdays. During peak times of April, May and June there will be limited spaces for Sunday lessons, which are available at a premium rate subject to all other lesson slots being full.

All lesson times during the regular school term are guaranteed until the end of the academic year, save any exceptional circumstances.

My secondary schedule is discretionary and runs during the school holidays. Lessons are offered on a first come, first served basis – typically from 10am to 7pm Monday to Saturday – and tend to fill up very quickly. For adult learners, or for those with flexibility within their school timetable, I am happy to arrange for lessons during the daytime.

If you require ad hoc lessons I will try to accommodate you, subject to availability, or last-minute cancellations. If you are able to be flexible, I can notify you via text and if you’re able, you will be able to use that slot.

In addition to Maths and Physics, which I teach to A Level, I also teach Biology and Chemistry to GCSE. Furthermore, I have a team of tutors that teach other subjects.

If this is of interest, feel free to ask me directly and I’ll be happy to help you.

PLEASE NOTE: The above scheduling requirements do not apply to GAMSAT or GMAT, which are scheduled per student requirement.


My hourly rates as follows:

All school-based one to one (face to face and online) tuition: £100

Sunday Premium: £125 for one to one tuition and online.

Friendship Group Tuition for 2 Students: £100 (£50 per student)

Small Group Tuition for 3 Students: £120 (£40 per Student)

Online Group Classes / Courses: £20 per lesson per student

Adult Tuition and Professional Courses such as GAMSAT and GMAT £125


Once a lesson time is mutually agreed, a 48-hour cancellation policy comes in to force. Lessons cancelled within the 48 hours are subject to full charge and may not be deferred.

This applies to one to one, online and to group lessons. In a Group setting, should a student cancel, the lesson will proceed with the remaining student(s) and fees remain payable for the absent party, per the 48-hour policy mentioned above.

I reserve the right to give away a slot where there are repeated late cancellations or no-shows. Whilst this scenario is rare, I’m sure you’ll understand the need to offer the slot to a committed student.

In the rare circumstance a lesson has to be cancelled by myself, I will give you as much notice as possible. If a replacement tutor cannot be provided, I will endeavour to rearrange the lesson. If that is not possible I will refund the lesson, or reduce the next invoice by the amount of the lesson.

For my online group classes and courses (such as Bridging the Gap Maths / Physics), fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable.


For those sitting public or entrance exams, tuition will cease either following the end of the public or entrance exams or by mutual agreement if sooner. Agreed fees remain payable.

For those not sitting public or entrance exams (such as adults), tuition will cease by mutual agreement and with agreed fees payable.

If at any point within the school year you wish to terminate your child’s tuition, you are required to give written notice a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the end of any half termly period. Fees for the half-term period are non-refundable.

I reserve the right to end our agreement with appropriate notice per the above.

Lesson Duration & Fee Schedule

Lessons are 1 hour long and are to be paid for by bank transfer in advance of the lesson. You may try an initial paid taster session to begin, and thereafter, I ask parents to pay in half-termly instalments for the ease of all concerned.