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RAAC and Ruin – Crumbling Schools and More

You could be forgiven for asking, when will it stop? The moving goal posts of exam grading, disappointing results, resits, university access lottery, the panic of clearing, and now closures due to crumbling schools. I was honestly very happy to have never heard of the acronym RAAC, which apparently means reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete! 

Even if the issue of hundreds of crumbling schools and public buildings across the UK doesn’t impact one directly, one can’t help but find the whole series of events unsettling.

With the impact of lockdowns, homeschooling and teacher assessed grades receding in the rear view mirror, there really does seem to be no end of obstacles to many of our children receiving a straightforward and unbroken education. 

So what is one to do?

In simple terms I believe we need to control the controllables. As glib as that may sound, we have little to no control over the ‘big stuff’ that comes our way, so the smart choice is to take care of the elements that are within our gift.

With that in mind, even though we’re at the very start of this academic year, I advise everyone sitting exams to have a Plan B. What happens if GCSE results don’t make the required grades? What happens if A Level grades are lower than required for the universities of choice? What happens if resits are required?

Having a backup plan may not lessen the disappointment and frustration, but it will greatly reduce feelings of panic, anxiety and stress for all concerned.

And while it doesn’t help in the heat of the moment, if one can retain some perspective, it’s worth remembering that it isn’t the end of the world and it WILL work out, because we’re resourceful people!

The other huge thing that we, as parents can do, is to ensure there are as few gaps in our children’s learning as possible. For many that includes extra-curricular learning in the form of private tuition. 

The aforementioned disruption once again combines to hit the disadvantaged the hardest and it means my pay what you can (PWYC) tuition is all the more important.

PWYC has thrown a lifeline to not only families who’ve never been able to access private tuition before, but is also helping many who would otherwise have to stop due to the spiraling living costs we’re enduring.

Shifting sands, RAAC and crumbling schools there may be, but there is a way forward for the proactive and prepared.

For more information on how I may be able to help your child or children, simply email me here or use the contact form.


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