Maths and Science Tuition – 2017 in Review

What a year 2017 has been, and didn’t it pass quickly!

For me, the year started with a real bang. A literal wake-up call if you like. My wife went in to labour in the early hours of the morning and by 7am our 3rd child was with us. What a fantastic way to start the year for our family!

MST has continued to go from strength to strength and it’s been another year filled with great students and wonderful feedback.

As a group, we’ve had a great many successes and once again, we’ve seen students exceed expectations, including two former students gained entrance to Oxbridge.

More than ever, we’ve witnessed a direct correlation between the amount of effort and focus a student is able to give outside of tutorial sessions and the eventual outcome. We can do so much to help, yet we can’t do the actual work. That’s something the student must be committed to do.

We don’t always judge success on grades alone. While it’s fair to say that all students see multi-level grade improvements as we work together, the building of confidence often proves a vital part of the mix. A sports star that appears to be unbeatable is often simply oozing supreme confidence in their ability. I truly believe that it’s possible to instil the same self-belief in a student as they prepare for their examinations.

In broader educational news, we’ve seen various article and reports that show that the gap between rich and poor has widened, despite efforts to level the playing field. It seems that poorer students continue to do worse than their richer counterparts with further reports suggesting the wealthy ‘tighten their grip’ on university places. For me, this is less than welcome news.

Though charitable organisations such as AIM 11+ and The Access Project (for which I provide pro bono support) are working to provide tuition to poorer and disadvantaged students, without government support, they can’t bridge the divide alone.

As we exit what has been an amazing year, our thoughts turn to 2018 and what it may hold. As you may have gleaned from my references to disadvantaged and poorer students, that this is a topic front and centre for us. With that in mind, we are establishing group tuition classes to make private tuition more accessible to more families. We also have some other offerings in the pipeline to do what we can to get involved and to help students, regardless of background or ability.

We also managed to exit the year on a high note as MST was recognised as among the top rated private tutors by Best Rated. It’s always nice to receive independent recognition and whilst their multi-point checks and gradings cover many things, it doesn’t capture the whole picture.

Our successes and feedback speak for themselves, and it’s there that our passion for education and for boosting a student’s confidence really shines through. It’s not just about tutoring, it’s about helping to set up a young person for a successful life, starting with academic achievement.

To one and all we wish you a happy, healthy, fairer and more equitable 2018, full of fun, success and many a wonderful memory made.

With best regards,