Group Tuition

From January 2018, I will be offering Group Tuition for GCSE Maths. I am seeking to make high quality, professional, private tuition accessible to more families and students and group tuition makes this possible.

While the vast majority of my students come to me for one to one tuition, I have extensive experience of delivering successful group tuition, especially around Easter time when I’ve provided intensive workshops as part of GSCE Maths preparation.

There are numerous benefits to group tuition, which we’ll briefly discuss in this article.

Each student that comes to me has different needs and their own unique style of learning. Whilst many students thrive in a one to one setting, some can find it a little daunting, at least initially, and therefore group tuition is a gentle and unthreatening introduction to learning with a private tutor.

Learning in small groups can be beneficial in other ways too. New friendships are born from seeing the same people at each lesson. Many children enjoy peer to peer learning, as well as some healthy competition, both of which can enhance learning.

The pressures on many children who have lots of extra-curricular activities can be quite extraordinary.  The ability to make learning fun, as well as proving to be highly effective are well-documented benefits of group tuition. A child that is keen and happy to get to the session is going to be a great state of mind to learn.

The confidence factor is something that is often overlooked. As anyone who is familiar with my works and success to date will know, building confidence is a key part of what I look to achieve when I engage with my students.

Group tuition can greatly enhance the confidence of a student. It can be useful, when amongst ones peers, to see that it isn’t just you that struggles with a particular concept or topic. In a small group tuition setting, peer to peer learning, in combination with my close supervision and guidance, makes achieving academic success both enjoyable and accessible.

I am excited to welcome new students to the Maths and Science Tuition family.

For more information on special rates for our January group tuition lessons, please contact me on 0207 686 4307 or [email protected]