Tutoring and Confidence

As is well documented throughout my website, as a full-time professional private tutor, a happy side-effect of my work with students is the boost in a child’s confidence.

Over the years, a large number of bright and capable students that have come to me for tuition, have started the process with their self-confidence in tatters.

Despite seemingly having it all in terms of upbringing, opportunity, wonderful schooling, and a large network of friends, self-belief is often absent. For whatever reason, they’ve felt they weren’t good enough to achieve academic success.

The primary role as a Maths and Science tutor is obvious. For GCSE and A Levels, I teach students to the highest degree to ensure they have a complete understanding of their subjects, whilst preparing them for the rigours of the examinations to come. For entrance exams, I follow a similar process, although one that is tuned to the specific circumstances.

The secondary aspect of my tutoring is helping to build the confidence of each and every student I work with. I help them to believe in their own abilities and to trust themselves, safe in the knowledge that they have a thorough understanding. And not just understanding of course, as they need to be able to recall facts and figures on-demand and when under the pressure of examinations.

I often say that a confident student is half way to success before they’ve put pen to paper. Combine confidence and self-belief with thorough mentoring and preparation and, while the weight of the outcome remains the same, the odds of success are greatly enhanced.

What is the alternative scenario? A student that is filled with self-doubt will inevitably be nervous and stressed. This in turn impacts the ability to recall information and even once recalled, doubt encourages the second-guessing of answers.

Too many bright students have underperformed, not because of a lack of knowledge, but because they simply didn’t believe they knew their subject well enough.

A lack of confidence is completely avoidable and with the right coaching and guidance, academic success can be virtually assured.

What does this look like in practice? See the testimonial below from a happy parent:

“In just 3 months Muhammad helped Lois increase her AS Maths mock marks by 3 grades in the public exam. However, the results are not the only measure of Muhammad’s tuition: the transformation in Lois’ confidence thanks to his teaching style permeated not just her maths but other areas of her school work too. Sometimes school teachers and friends – without realising or intending to – may appear patronising or judgemental when responding to a question asked in class. Muhammad’s lessons are the antithesis of that experience and this was key to the restoration of Lois’ belief in her abilities.”

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