Private Tuition: Better than any Black Friday deal

Here at Maths & Science Tuition, we don’t engage in the Black Friday sales. The reason for this (other than we don’t need to!) is that we believe our private tuition services offer better value that any Black Friday deal available. In this article, we’ll expand on what we mean by that.

Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll no doubt be bombarded with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and offers. Cut price everything as retailers attempt to boost their profits and clear their stocks of old products to make way for new seasonal stock in time for Christmas.

While it can be fun to bag a bargain here and there, one can’t help but be reminded of the adage that quality remains, long after the price is forgotten.

What I mean by that of course, is that in acquiring a high value, or premium item, it may seem expensive at the time, but over the years that many high quality items last, the cost is diminished by years of enjoyment and ownership.

I was recently reminded of the advert for a rather elegant watch which stated, ‘you never actually own a Patek Phillipe, you merely look after it for the next generation’. No doubt, this statement will result in a variety of reactions, which is partly the point, but for its target market I believe it means this:

This is a timepiece of such quality that it will last through the generations. It will be something you will be proud to leave behind as part of your lasting legacy.

Which is quite a statement to make on the part of the watchmaker. And yet it has proved to be a highly successful piece of marketing.

I believe in something similar regarding education. Each and every one of my clients invests in the education of their child. For some, that investment is economically more significant than for others. And yet, the investment is made anyway.


For two very important reasons:

  • They are investing in a known, high quality and proven service
  • They are investing in something that will last a lifetime and is likely to be passed on in one form or another

It will come as no surprise, that I’ve looked at the numbers and I’d like to share them with you.

Let’s say you invest £2500 in private tuition for your child over a period of time, between now and their final exams.

And let’s conservatively estimate that they’ll live for 70 years beyond their last exam.

It works out that the cost for that academic boost and the opportunities that come from it, is less than 10p per day.

Ten pence per day!

What else can be bought for 10p per day that not only lasts a lifetime, but can improve the quality of that life, whilst paving the way for those that follow?

With the price of a single pint of beer at over £4 and packet of cigarettes in the region of £10 per pack, it’s food for thought, is it not?

So, will I be offering a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal or special offer? No.


Because when you weigh up the investment for the reward, our private tuition services are already the biggest bargain you’ll find, on Black Friday, or any other day.