Collaborative Learning and Group Tuition

Until recently, much of what I’ve written has been about the power of one to one tuition. However, here at Maths and Science Tuition, we’ve also been experiencing the joys of collaborative learning with our students in the form of our group tuition classes.

Why group tuition and why now, you may be asking?

As some of my regular readers will know, I’ve made accessible learning a large part of my mission for 2018 and beyond. By incorporating group tuition, we have made access to private tutoring more accessible than ever for more families.

Private tuition was once considered out of reach to all but the elite, or the privileged few. However, more and more families are recognising that there are only so many opportunities to go around. As a result, competition for places at top universities, and for subsequent jobs, is fiercer than ever.

So, it makes sense that families across the social spectrum are seeking ways to gain an advantage for their children. It’s worth bearing in mind, that in these technologically advanced times, it isn’t only humans competing for job. Artificial Intelligence is affecting every sector, from self-service kiosks in shops to the elimination of roles thought untouchable, such as accountancy.

The provision of group tuition means that access to those top tutors that provide it, such as MST, is now possible for most families. And whilst some may scoff at that statement, consider for a moment, the cost of everyday items, be it clothes, food, alcohol, meals out and one-off luxuries such as holidays.

Hundreds and often thousands of pounds are spent on gadgets, games consoles, TV’s and trips to Disney. Valuable though travel is, compared to the lifelong benefit that education can provide, which of the two represents true value? In my experience, it may not even be a case of either or!

Yet, I am not for one moment telling anyone what they should or shouldn’t do with their hard-earned cash. I am simply stating what I believe to be truths. In the simplest of terms, we have a choice to spend today or to invest in tomorrow. Group tuition is making this increasingly possible.

Another interesting element of group tuition is collaborative learning. Tutoring students, observing as they wrestle with a problem together to reach a conclusion is as fascinating as it is satisfying. Helping a student to solve problems, to teach them techniques to overcome challenging tests of knowledge is one thing. Seeing students work together to successfully apply those learnings is something to behold.

Listening to a student correctly explain a theory both demonstrates and reinforces their learning. Sometimes, it takes a peer level conversation to really drive the point home! In addition, there can be healthy competition, camaraderie and an increased willingness to try. Why? Because if your peers can show you it’s possible to master a topic you’re finding extremely challenging, you’re going to give it your best shot also.

I’ve often said I believe I have the best job in the world, and collaborative learning and group tuition is enhancing it in new and sometimes unexpected ways.