GCSE Preparation – Don’t be like Brexit!

With Christmas now a fading memory, the countdown to GCSE exams is underway. A new year has dawned, but this year will be no different from any other in one respect. There will be a great many students for whom GCSE preparation is unplanned, left too late and becomes chaotic. And to those students, I urge you not to be like Brexit!

Why do I liken poor GCSE preparation to Brexit? Have you been following the news? Could we be any less prepared for the divorce of the century?

When David Cameron announced the UK was to hold a referendum on 23rd June 2016, it was a given by those in government that there could only be one outcome. Nobody thought for a moment that the country would vote to leave the European Union.

Since leaving the EU was clearly out of the question, no plans were made for any alternative scenario. As far as we can tell, literally nothing was thought about.

Did you witness David Davis, the leader of the UK Brexit negotiating team, being interviewed by a parliamentary committee a short time ago. They asked him what analysis had been performed for the automotive sector in the event of Brexit.

Davis answered that no analysis had been carried out then, or now. He was asked about several other sectors, with the same response. He went on to say that they shouldn’t bother asking about every other sector because the answer would be the same. Nothing has been considered or planned for.

It was as embarrassing as it was beyond belief. No planning for such a landmark event?

For those students due to be sitting GCSEs this year, don’t do a Brexit. A little planning now really will go a long way.

One is reminded of a quote by Benjamin Franklin: By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

As a private tutor, much of my time at this stage of the academic year is spent helping student with GCSE preparation, along with A Level exams. High quality revision, thorough run-throughs of the syllabus, as well as techniques for handling the toughest of questions, are part of my every day. And they should be part of every student’s day too.

Brexit has proven to be a national embarrassment. Don’t leave yourself red-faced this year. Prepare, prepare, prepare!

If you need any advice or assistance, feel free to get in touch. Once again, this year I shall be running intensive Easter GCSE Maths workshops in Islington, North London. You can find out more here.

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