GCSE Exams – Eyes on the Prize

So, here we are, deep into the Easter holidays. The more diligent students will be hard at it, revising GCSE exam subjects for all they’re worth. They’ll have a detailed plan of action and will be sticking to the timetable.

Others will be avoiding the inevitable, telling themselves they work better under pressure or that there’s still plenty of time.

I know who’d I’d be betting my money on!

Look, there’s a place for cramming, or working intensely, of course there is. I simply wouldn’t advise it the basis for success when it comes to exam strategy.

Without wishing to state the obvious, revision isn’t about running eyeballs over words, numbers and formulae. It has to be considered, thought out and, not least of all, tested. Preferably by peers, parents or a tutor who can give feedback and help to plug the gaps in knowledge and recall.

Ensuring names, places, dates and formulae stick in the mind and can be recalled takes time and practice.

Having achieved this through rigorous preparation, a student can walk confidently into the exam hall, knowing that everything possible has been done to create a positive outcome.

Unless there’s a disaster of epic proportions, the exam dates won’t be changing. There will no last-minute reprieve for laggards and ears (and grades) will be deaf to excuses.

The clock is ticking at exactly the same tempo for one and all, and time is running out.

If the hard work hasn’t begun yet, it’s not too late. Great things can happen, even now, with the right focus and support. It may not be easy, but it’s possible to positively impact grades even at this late stage.

For those that are aiming high in their GCSE Maths exam, I am running an intensive revision workshop next week. This is a fast-paced review of the entire GCSE Maths syllabus across 2 days of dynamic group study. Not for the faint of heart, yet it’s an incredibly effective workshop.

Due to an unfortunate cancellation, I currently have 2 open slots for the workshop, but I don’t expect them to be open for long. If you would like more information, please contact me at your earliest convenience.



For those needing revision tips, you can get my GCSE tips here and my formulae sheet here (quiz closes Sunday 8th April at noon).

You can also win a free place on my Maths intensive by completing a quiz question here .