Stressing Mock Exam Performance

As the mock exam season approaches, students often fall in to three categories: Fully prepared and confident, full of panic or simply hoping for the best.

Putting aside the hoping element, for hope is not a strategy for success, let’s focus on those in panic mode for a moment.

Stressing over mock exams is the enemy to preparation. How is one to absorb information and to be able to recall facts on demand, when one is unable to calmly focus?

Stress also makes us all more likely to suffer from fatigue as we burn nervous energy night and day. It affects sleep and before long it’s vicious circle of tiredness, stress, panic, repeat.

Even after a short period of time, I see this cycle have a profound effect on confidence. Left unchecked, this leads to a tired and stressed student walking into the exam hall expecting to fail. All too often, this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So, how do we take control of this situation?

In my considerable experience as a professional private tutor, the answer comes from two key areas:

  • Time – To be able to confidently sit mock exams, or any significant test of knowledge, a student should avoid last-minute cramming. A longer, more considered ‘run up’ to the exam enables all scenarios to be played out in a safe environment.
  • Structure – A planned approach to revision, whilst enabling the testing of key knowledge points, is essential to proper exam preparation. Well planned revision will highlight those areas which need additional focus. It’s at this point, that having the time to address weaknesses, combined with the structured approach, is invaluable.

As a tutor, the above is put in place for my students as we prepare for mock exams together. Which brings me on to the last key point: Confidence.

A well-prepared student that has had time to thoroughly test their knowledge is a confident student. Walking assuredly in to an exam hall exuding confidence helps a student to conquer nerves. This in turn assists recall and clear thinking, which is essential for success in the forthcoming mock exams.

My message to you is please don’t leave it until last minute. Time is already running short. Therefore, if you believe your child requires mock exam assistance, please get in touch as soon as possible so that I can help.