Muhammad Answers: The reasons why you might need tuition

I’m Muhammad Ali and for the record, yes, that is my real name! I’m an Islington based private Maths and Science tutor and founder of

It’s not uncommon for people to assume that tuition is purely for additional support with a specific subject. Whilst this is true in many cases, it is not the only reason we are asked to tutor students. In fact, there are many reasons we engage with our pupils and I felt it was important to share these. Not only to dispel this archaic stigma of failing or lacking in some way, but to encourage parents and adult learners to see the additional benefits of nurturing one’s talents.

So here we are, a few reasons why you might consider tuition.

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Focused learning

This is where I work with students on an area or topic that they are finding tough. I will design lessons around this (it is never a case of one size fits all in tutoring) and run these at a pace that suits them. It is difficult in a classroom to keep up sometimes, as teachers can whizz through the syllabus and often children feel unable to ask the teacher to repeat points, when it means, in effect, asking the whole class to go over it again. In a tutoring session they can ask questions freely. I am also able to pinpoint the exact elements they are struggling with the most and we can really focus on these.


Many of my students come to me in order to sustain a good and consistent level of results and to ensure their understanding of maths or science remains steady. These students often have quite a solid understanding of their subject but need private tutoring to provide an extra layer to this and really concrete it! Students who come for maintenance tell me having tutoring ensures them an in depth learning of the subject, particularly when they find their classroom or home environment difficult to concentrate in.

Exam Preparation

Having tutoring in the lead-up to exams is imperative in my view in order to consolidate a student’s knowledge and get them feeling confident before their exams. I ensure my tutees tackle practise questions so they understand the format and expectations of the exams. We will also spend time revisiting topics, learning about exam techniques and honing revision skills. I like to make sure my students are continuing their practise and revision outside of our sessions so I teach them to effectively take ownership of their revision and learning.

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Further challenges

Tutoring is particularly beneficial for students who would like to (and need to) push themselves more academically. Some find the syllabus is not challenging enough or the pace of teaching not fast enough at school, so to keep their interest in a subject they need to have a more detailed level of teaching, which tutoring can provide. For these students debate and discussion is often a good tool to establish their understanding of the subject. With tutoring, students looking to be challenged can jump ahead in terms of the curriculum.

Adult Learners

I have helped a number of adult learners who have needed to get their maths up to speed for a specific requirement. For example, mature students who failed their maths when they were at school and now need to pass a GCSE maths equivalency test in order to gain entry to university, or adults from an Arts background who are applying for jobs with companies such as Goldman Sachs or McKinsey & Co. whom, as part of their interview process, have numerical reasoning tests. I have even helped lawyers working for prestigious law firms when they have wanted to do an MBA in the US and needed to pass GMAT or GRE as part of the entrance requirements.


Yes! Interest! Students can come for tutoring when they hold a real interest in subjects and want to learn more about things that aren’t covered in the syllabus. I have had students with really varied interests in Science and we have spent time learning really particular (and quite peculiar!) areas of Physics which have widened their interest and passion for the subject. Where some children like to learn the rules of football some prefer the rules of the Universe!

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