Covid-19 and an Opportunity to Give Back

To be accurate, the title should probably read ‘accelerated opportunity to give back’. Here at MST, I’ve been providing accessible private tuition for some time. We’ve looked at several ways to help more people, regardless of budget, including a potential collaboration with a major London university.

Covid-19, for all its downsides, has presented us with a gift through the increased popularity of online meetings. While it’s been the norm in many areas, I’ve felt a certain reticence towards online tuition over the years.

These barriers and concerns have come tumbling down as online meetings using Zoom and similar platforms have become the only way to socialise, hold meetings and engage ‘face to face’ with others.

Furthermore, it should be most reassuring to parents and students that Cambridge University will be delivering lectures online for the foreseeable future.

When it was clear a lockdown was highly likely to happen as Covid-19 accelerated, I announced to clients that lessons would be moving online with immediate effect. So far, it’s been a huge success.

In addition, I put together the first group course for Bridging the Gap Between GCSE and A Level Maths which has proved so popular we’re expanding to Physics at the request of parents and students!

My plan is that online group tuition is here to stay, enabling me to help many more families access the highest quality tuition at extremely affordable levels.

If you’re unaware, our ‘Bridging the Gap’ classes are just £10 per lesson for a block of 7 lessons. The next courses, one for Maths and one for Physics, are due to begin in the first week of June and run until the end of the academic year.

The lessons are well paced, highly instructional and I try to make them fun. Everything you’d expect from a top tutor!

From a ‘giving back’ perspective, this approach will allow me to help students from all walks of life and in any location.

While I’ve been actively engaged with local schools in my immediate area of Islington and further afield in London, our accessible online tuition will reach to all areas of need across the UK and beyond.

To learn more of our forthcoming courses due to begin in the first week of June, you can call me on 0207 686 4307 or drop me an email to [email protected]