Learning to Thrive in Any Environment

It came as no surprise to me that the school I attended in Moss Side, Manchester, was branded the worst school in the country. There was a long list of problems and challenges to support that label! However, from that rocky start I discovered that it’s all about learning to thrive in any environment.

This was after I’d failed my GCSEs and been through the stressful cycle of resitting in order to get the required grades. I was fortunate to have at least one inspirational tutor and the stage was set for me to ultimately emerge from Cambridge University with a PhD in Physics.

To give children the best possible academic start parents to go great lengths to get into the best schools. That may be the private route, in which case there is usually plenty of choice. Or it may be that the state school path is the only option. Many families even move homes to get into the right catchment area for their desired school.

In my opinion, there is some truth to the adage that the cream rises to the top. Naturally bright children usually do well wherever they are, at least in comparison to their peers. Those that are educationally nurtured outside of school excel further still.

Regardless of the school we find ourselves in, learning to thrive in any environment is key. It’s also a lesson to be learned early, for it isn’t only in academia where adaptability is crucial, but in all phases of life.

The nature of my role as a private tutor enables me to see clearly the passion with which parents and students drive to excel, to gain the highest marks and to get into the most select schools and universities.

However, not everyone can gain entry to the higher echelons of academia, regardless of grades, as there simply aren’t enough spaces to go around.

Learning to thrive in the environment one finds oneself in, along with the ability to adapt and evolve will play a crucial role in the ultimate outcomes, over and above the name above the door of the establishment.

I am living proof that a poorly performing school, let alone and average one, needn’t harm the long-term prospects of a diligent and persistent student.

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