Back to School with a Difference

As I type this, the rules are still changing on the subject of Coronvirus and schools. Masks or no masks is the topic of the hour. On or off, in communal areas only and what age groups? These are just some of the questions being discussed. After a hugely long break in regular education, this academic year we go back to school with a difference.

Children must be educated, and several commentators, scientific and political alike, all make a good point that to keep children out of school is more harmful than any likely effects of Coronavirus.

It isn’t only about education itself. Being reunited with friends and classmates, socialisation and competition in this new normal is essential for growth and development.

Physical person to person contact is something that technology can’t replicate or replace. While it’s been possible to continue online education (and I’ve been running various GCSE/A Level/11+ courses since lockdown began), the usual camaraderie, energy and boisterousness is impossible to replace.

As we go back to school, we must embrace this new normal that Covid-19 has presented us, and continue to make strides to develop, grow and excel and everything we do. While allowances will inevitably be made in the near-term, over time the current disruption is likely to be forgotten. Said allowances are only likely to remain in place for those taking their exams this academic year.

Beyond that, one must assume that life will be returning to something resembling pre-Coronavirus times. A time that looking back, seems so much simpler!

Having said that, I shall continue to provide access to affordable online tuition via a range of online courses for GCSE and A Level Maths, while continuing to keep all services online. While initially forced to move online, it’s been highly popular with parents and students alike. No more drop-offs, waiting around and one less ‘taxi’ journey to do, all while gaining the same focused tuition to drive successful outcomes.

In going back to school next week, stay safe of course. But try to have fun, let common sense prevail and get back to focusing on what needs to be done.

If I can be of assistance in helping with accelerated catch-up and getting back to achieving top grades, feel free to contact me on 0207 686 4307 or [email protected].