Gaining Certainty in Uncertain Times

Once again, we find ourselves locked down in the unfolding story that is Covid-19. No sooner are we gaining hope of a return to normality than we’re back to square one. At least this time around, education is to continue, for the moment anyway. My thoughts are constantly returning to gaining certainty in uncertain times.

I work closely with enough students to get a true feeling for just how difficult a time it is for our children facing exams. Are they on or are they off? To be delayed, or will the fall-back position of teacher assessed grades come to the fore once more?

The level of anxiety and concern is at point I’ve not experienced before in all my years as a private tutor. Many students are feeling as if their futures are being diminished, despite their hard work and diligence in their studies.

As I’ve often said, my role often goes beyond that of tutor, into coach and occasional confidante. The building and rebuilding of confidence is a regular part of my brief.

While we could debate what may or may not happen ad infinitum, the essence of my advice is rather simple.

To use a sporting analogy, we must play what’s in front of us right now, in the moment. There is no point in second guessing what may come tomorrow. We must assume that exams in all their forms will continue and prepare accordingly.

Thorough exam preparation, submitting work and making solid progress, only to learn of cancellations, will at least provide the best chance of a high assessed grade.

But what then? What then indeed. The reality is that as we find ourselves navigating unchartered waters, it’s new for everyone. As parents, students, tutors, schools, universities and governments, we are all playing what’s in front of us.

When one stops to think about it, whatever your political leanings or personal beliefs on Covid-19 and how it should be approached, what choice do we have?

To an extent, is it incumbent upon each of us to build our own certainty, to focus on what we can control, and let that which we cannot play out.

As citizens and parents, we must remain resolute and know that at some point, in the not-too-distant future, a new normality will appear. We don’t know exactly when, or what it will look like. The one thing we do know is like all things, this too shall pass.

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