Mock Exams – Preparedness is Key

I know it sounds obvious that preparedness is key when approaching a major event, but it’s amazing how often important things are left to last minute. Every year, looming mock exams strike fear into hearts of students (and parents), upon the realisation that they probably should have started revising somewhat earlier!

As someone wiser than me once told me about the 5 P’s: Proper planning prevents poor performance.

Except when he said it there was an extra P in there. But moving on…

When you think about it, it’s a maxim for life, isn’t it? To give oneself the ability to achieve great things you one needs to be thoroughly prepared for the challenge ahead.

For the most part, winging it doesn’t produce optimal results!

Exam preparation and revision isn’t much fun when compared to other extracurricular activities, yet it is a fact of life for most students at key stages in their academic journeys. If one wants to do well in exams, structured revision is required, preferably with time to spare.

As I’ve said on countless occasions, last minute cramming is to be avoided at all costs for those seeking top grades. Anything else is leaving it to chance.

Sweating the books the night before an exam is usually counterproductive. A stressed brain retains less information than it would in a calmer state, and the additional tension impacts upon sleep. This in turn will make recall during the exam more challenging.

There are lots of distractions over the coming months, and wouldn’t it be great if our children could enjoy the fun and be stress free?

The best way to achieve this is to ignore the promises that there’s plenty of time and the claims that you worry too much. A focus on preparing for mock exams as early as possible is the smart thing to do. It allows for picking up on gaps in knowledge and gives time to seek help for areas that a student may be finding tricky.

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