The Impact of English Tuition

In my experience, English tuition is often the poor relation to Maths and even other languages when it comes to engaging a private tutor. Here at MST, we’ve been providing English tuition for many years, and it’s something we believe many more students would see huge benefits from. The impact of English tuition extends far beyond pure English as a subject.

The ability to write creatively, confidently and, when appropriate, expansively on any given topic is often overlooked. This is an important point because when thousands of students are taking the same exams, writing the same application forms and submitting personal statements, it’s these skills that can make a student stand out from the crowd.

Anyone who’s read very much at all will know that the same story can be told in a deadpan, matter of fact voice, or delivered with gusto and embellished with colourful and creative language.

From basic essays through to job applications and CV writing, a firm grasp of the English language is essential to gain top marks, create the right impression and ultimately to progress.

The ability to construct meaningful sentences which capture the imagination has made, and will continue to make, a very real difference in a variety of circumstances. Just imagine how many applicants have suffered the heartbreak or joy of acceptance to university, having fallen short or triumphed in the ability to stand out amongst their peers?

When so many elements look the same, from people to exam results, our written delivery is a wonderful method with which to display our uniqueness.

Of course, a substantial grasp of written English often translates into verbal confidence also. This in turn creates a confidence in a student to engage and to shine when they may otherwise have gone largely unnoticed.

English tuition is for so much more than those students that are struggling, or for non-native English speakers. Everyone who is at less than the top standard can benefit from being tutored. It really shouldn’t be the preserve of the few.

As thoughts turn to the forthcoming exam season, now is the time to seek out a private English tutor who is the best fit for your child.

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