b grade considered a fail

Will a B grade be considered a ‘fail’?

Here we go again! With mock exams behind us, it’s now time for in-depth revision of the syllabi… Or is it? As we now know, the exam boards will be publishing the topics the exam questions will come from. In combination with more lenient marking being promised, will this mean the expectation of A grades across the board? And will a B grade be considered a ‘fail’ (or less than a 9)?

While it’s true that we’ve only just emerged from the pandemic, there’s no doubt in my mind that the view of universities, in light of the pending ‘grade support’ will be that only A’s will suffice. I will be happy to be proved wrong, but this is what I’m hearing within my extensive network.

Is this fair? My question has always been is anything truly fair? Is there ever a truly level playing field in education, work or in life? I will venture no. The aftermath of this year’s exams will be no different.

We cannot control what the universities decide to do, we must simply go full steam ahead and work with what is in front of us.

Our job as parents, teachers and tutors, is to prepare our students the fullest extent possible to give them the best opportunity to achieve top grades.

How is this any different from any other year?

Excluding the assessed grades years, students have been expected to revise and know the entire syllabus. This year the scope is somewhat narrowed! With the area of questioning telegraphed in advance, as well as the promise of lenient marking, it stands to reason that grades will be high. Or at least that will be the expectation.

What happens then, to those that fall short? Even to a B grade? Will a B really be considered a fail? Almost certainly yes if there is a tidal wave of A grades achieved.

Will first or even 2nd place choice universities be a possibility with anything less than stellar results this year?

I fear not. For the first time in the 25 years of being a private tutor, this year feels like a case of all or nothing, win or lose.

With that in mind, I implore each and every student to knuckle down and to take their revision seriously ahead of the exams.

For those taking GCSE Maths, I shall be running a 2 day workshop focused on one thing and that’s achieving a top grade. Click here for more information on that.

Meanwhile, happy studying and you can contact me via Facebook and my website if you have any questions or need advice.


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