The Realisation of a Dream – MST Foundation

A few days ago, a long-term dream of mine came to fruition. I’ve been like an overly excited child before Christmas as I’ve waiting for things to be ready. I’m delighted to finally be able to tell you that I’ve launched a new charity called MST Foundation!

The aim of MST Foundation is to provide quality tuition and educational experiences to disadvantaged children and to those that simply can’t afford to access private tuition.

We will be providing a ‘pay what you can afford’ service to those that meet the full qualification criteria and for those that genuinely cannot afford to make a contribution, it will be offered pro bono.

As an experienced private tutor of over 25 years’ experience, I’ve been fortunate to serve clients from every walk of life, including MPs, nurses, cleaners and office workers. While I’ve helped my students to incredible success, a part of me has had a thought nagging away at me: What about the others? What about those that want, need and even deserve the chance to excel, but do not have the means?

I considered a number of options, and in truth, the group tuition classes I run throughout the year were a first step to making my tuition as affordable as I could. Even then, I realised that there were many bright children missing out. It wasn’t enough.

I was working pro bono projects around the country in the school holidays. It still wasn’t enough.

And then the idea hit me like a bolt of lightning. Why not start a charity to make tackle this challenge head on?

My great idea soon became a bureaucracy-filled, Covid-delayed reality with more paperwork and checks that I could ever have imagined. However, several months later, we’re ready to go.

MST Foundation is officially open for business and is taking donations to support our work and bring on highly qualified tutors, all of whom are giving at least part of their time for free.

We will be 100% funded via donations and we will be providing tuition as well as access to textbooks and equipment to enable online learning. A pleasing upside to providing some basic computing is the ability to give a 2nd life to equipment otherwise destined for landfill or to remain in a drawer, unused for years to come.

The commitment of MST Foundation is twofold.

– To provide access to high quality tuition to those that need it but cannot afford private support
– To ensure that every penny donated is wisely used in the pursuit of education for all

If you’d like to get involved as a tutor (or some other way) feel free to get in touch here.

If you’d like to make a donation small or large, you can do so here.

I shall look forward to providing updates as we pass key milestone on our journey.


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