GCSE Revision and Planning for Exam Success

This is a time for cool heads and well-planned GCSE revision to ensure exam success. However, we’ll come that that later because we know that many will leave it extremely late!

In today’s world of everything now and information at our fingertips, it’s easy to forget that it hasn’t always been this way.

We see a product we like, and with a few clicks it can be delivered to our door the same day. Instant, easy and immediate is the order of the day. No real planning required. We don’t even have to be at home to sign for it as there are so many local drop-off and collection points! Where will it end?

In all likelihood, it will not end and if anything, we’re merely at the beginning of a rapid acceleration into a world of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Right now, we’re simply scratching the surface.

Of course, our children are the touch screen generation. They instinctively know how everything works and are completely at ease with technology and innovation.

While us parents are resorting to reading the manuals, they’ve worked out short-cuts, cheats and have probably hacked the system and improved it!

Have you ever attempted to compete with a child on Xbox or PlayStation? If my experience is anything to go by, don’t bother. It’s as if they were born hard-wired to work in total harmony with the controller. They know what to do, where to go and how to win.

If it’s an adventure, you’re going to be left far behind and if it’s a ‘shoot ‘em up’, prepare to die! Repeatedly.

Why do I mention all this?

There are still areas where this all this technological wizardry just doesn’t apply. And in this instance, I’m talking about taking exams. With GCSE exams just weeks away now, students must have wrapped their brains around their subjects. Technology be damned!

Sure, computing will help and we all know Google’s a wonderful thing for finding information and lots of it. Often too much! However, that information must be distilled, fully understood, retained, recalled and brought forth in the perfect manner. To get top marks, knowing the answer isn’t always enough. The information but also be delivered in a way that the examiner wants to see.

This is where exam technique must be coupled with that hard-won knowledge to deliver the knock-out blows!

The other thing that technology can’t do for us? It can’t walk into the exam hall and take the exams on our behalf. It can’t settle the nerves and calm the stresses which are the enemy of many a student.

No, those elements that could be the undoing of many a high achiever are tamed by preparation, planning and the confidence it brings.

In my experience as a professional private tutor, who has coached hundreds of students to academic success, there are no short cuts. Hard work, commitment, structured learning, a thorough understanding of exam technique, combine to provide the all-important confidence that produces top grades.

The good news is it’s not too late. If your child is behind the curve or lacking in confidence, there’s time to do something about it. Last minute, panicked cramming is not the answer!

Structured and accelerated learning can make the difference for all but the most woefully prepared student.

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