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Back to School with a Difference

As we get ready to go back to school, I think it’s fair to say it’s with the uneasy feeling of shifting sands. The times they are a changing, and for many, not for the better.

With the cost of so many things rising it’s understandable to leave many purchases such as books, bags and uniforms until the last minute. However, something I’ve stressed before is that the best tutors get booked up quickly, so NOW is the best time to reserve your spot.

This isn’t the main thrust of my post today though.

What I’d really like to see as we go back to school is that we look out for one another. There are too many children going without food and without the means even to stay clean. This is something I never thought I’d see in the UK in my lifetime.

So please do consider those less fortunate, and maybe enquire of the school how you may be able to help or donate.

You may not be aware that I’ve recently set up a charity ( to help disadvantaged children access tuition. We’re currently evaluating what other areas we may be able to support (such as hygiene poverty).

There comes a point where it becomes impossible to sit and watch from the side lines.

I’m also trying to make private tuition as accessible as possible for all. As well as my one to one lessons, I’m also running online learning via Zoom, running a host of courses throughout the year. You can see more here:

These lessons are inexpensive and I invite you to enquire for more information and to reserve a spot.

If tuition is required but otherwise out of reach, visit the MST Foundation website here to see if you fit the criteria for help. We offer a pay what you can afford model and do our best to help where we can.

As with many charities, we’re 100% reliant on donations to do our work and your help is greatly appreciated, should you be able to assist with a small donation here:


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