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Good intentions and top exam results

Here we go again with another election. The headlines are full bluster and promises of better things to come. Jam tomorrow, as my elders would often say. It’s truly fascinating to watch political adversaries sell their souls in the pursuit of power. In other shock news, I couldn’t help but think of good intentions and what they mean for top exam results.

I won’t leave you hanging on that one…… Good intentions do not top exam results make!

Back to the scene of the crimes against our ears and eyes…

Isn’t it incredible to witness MPs, Ministers and associated hangers-on promising the world to pretty much everyone? We’re all going to be so much better off if we elect them!

Never mind the scant chances of a 4 or 5 year government having a snowball’s chance in hell of implementing even a fraction of the grandiose projects. And money? Don’t worry about the money. This manifesto is fully costed, honest.

Are their intentions honourable? Or is it a case of saying or doing anything to get their snouts into the alluring trough of power?

One can’t help but wonder about promises of what someone will do tomorrow, when they’ve had a great deal of tomorrows already, with very little evidence to support what are sometimes outlandish claims.

What we know for sure, with absolute certainty is that good intentions are exactly that. Good intentions to do something good, one day soon. They’re probably meant in the best of spirits, but intentions themselves achieve nothing.

This time of year, as mock exams are in full swing and with the reality of the real exams dawning on the horizon, good intentions, as with the political animals, count for nothing.

Doing a period of structured study is very different from meaning or intending to. There is a window of opportunity to make a significant difference to one’s experience of the exam season and ultimate outcomes.

As a little green fellow called Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try”.

When it comes to the all-important doing, it’s all about doing it properly and with that in mind, stay tuned for our GCSE Maths Masterclass coming to Islington in April.

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