Oversubscribed: Grammar school preparation and the 11+

If you’re one of many families considering a grammar school for your child, you’ll know doubt be bracing yourself for all things 11+ in the next few months. Grammar school preparation ahead of the 11+ can be intense!

There’s a great deal of pressure involved for all concerned and it’s easy to see why. What ever your view of grammar schools, competition for places, is fierce.

Did you know, for every place, there are expected to be over 25 applicants this year. So, Grammar School chances present better odds than in the Grand National (40 horses start) and with, arguably, fewer obstacles!

However, getting in to any selective school is no mean feat!

Carrying on the equine comparisons, if you’re going to enter a horse into a major race, you must have undertaken extensive preparation, including an appropriate trainer with a reassuring track record.

In many cases, it can be extremely difficult to acquire the necessary focus and preparation without engaging the services of a private tutor.

Why is this?

Simply put, many schools do not have the time, funding or expertise to be able to give it the 11+ candidates the required level of focus. It won’t surprise you that this is especially true in the state system, because it isn’t part of the curriculum and therefore is out of scope.

Private tuition aside, options for 11+ preparation are then reduced to teaching and prepping at home, knowing someone suitable that can help, or potentially an online course.

No offence intended, but unless you’re living and breathing exam preparation, your competition is going to leave you far behind. This shouldn’t come as a surprise!

If you dream of your child being a professional footballer, playing for Arsenal, you wouldn’t rely on him or her kicking a ball around with Grandad, ‘because he used to play a bit’, would you?

No, you’d have signed up to a club, soccer schools and put your football star in a position to be scouted by one of the big clubs. You’d even be prepared to accept Spurs if it meant getting a start!

And so it is with 11+ preparation.

You may have the brightest of children. However, the 11+ is about more than IQ.

To have the best of chances, and some would say any chance at all, of gaining a Grammar School place, you must have a professional tutor on your side.

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