Private Tuition – Book Early to Get the Best Tutor for Your Child

Before you relax for the summer holidays, there’s one more thing to consider, even though it seems a long way off! If you’re considering private tuition, be aware that the best tutors get booked up months in advance. Here at MST, we usually have a waiting list, and this is especially true at the start of the academic year. Therefore, if you’re considering engaging a tutor, book early.

It’s easy to assume that there are plenty of tutors available, and of course there are. A quick Google search will inevitably lead you to various portals, displaying tutors as a wide range of price points.

However, private tuition is another example of quality over quantity. As I’ve said in this blog before, it isn’t about whether a tutor has a degree, or has passed the exams themselves. A major consideration should be whether they can teach well. More specifically, can they engage with and teach your child for the best possible outcome?

How do you know? You can see more in my blog How to Find A Good Tutor, but you need to look at their track record, testimonials and of course, their experience. Do they have a website, what information can you see their and do they get word of mouth referrals? Why not book a paid ‘taster’ lesson?

These are just some of the things to look for and it takes a little time and effort to ensure you’re getting the best tutor for your child.

As busy as we all are, we can often leave important decisions to the last minute with the assumption that it’s a buyer’s market. As if often the case, last minute purchase decisions, don’t always turn out to be the wisest choices.

Therefore, I urge you to be proactive in your search. Getting the right tutor is about so much more than the subject matter and will be directly reflected in your desired academic outcomes for your children.

Please do feel free to contact me on 0207 686 4307 for more information.