welcome return to normal

A Welcome Return to Normal?

We’re now deep into January and with Christmas disappearing in the rear view mirror, we’ve turned our attention to the stuff of real life once more. Covid has continued to dominate much of our lives this winter, but are we on the verge of a welcome return to normal?

I certainly hope so!

Here at MST, the flexibility afforded by online learning has meant that we’ve been able to support our students and parents throughout the entire pandemic. 

In fact, the cessation of face to face learning was the catalyst for me to introduce more online learning options in the form of courses as well as one to one learning.

This has enabled us to support a far broader range of clients beyond  one to one lessons and it’s something we’ll continue to build on in the post-Covid era.

Having said that, it’s been incredibly refreshing to have clients enquire about returning to face to face lessons. As useful as Zoom has been, it would appear that Zoom fatigue features large in our lives and there’s a renewed appetite for real, in-person contact.

In other news, the wearing of masks in schools has ended and all the signs are that we’re on our way to living with Covid in the same way we live with the various forms of influenza each year.

Of course, this almost certainly means that exams, much disrupted in recent times, are back once again this year. With no more assessments, students will need to be thoroughly prepared for the challenges ahead.

Come Easter time, I’ll be providing a range of revision options, as well as running some of my innovative courses such as Math-e-Magics, which has sold out 8 times!

If you need support for your child or would like advice on the forthcoming exams at GCSE and A Level, you can contact me at [email protected] or WhatsApp me via the site link.

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