GCSE Failure – It Gets Better!

If you’re feeling a bit low after disappointing GCSE results this week, don’t despair! Educational progress and aspirations need not stop with GCSE failure. I can tell you from personal experience that in hindsight, getting tripped up by my first attempts at GCSE exams was one of the best things to have happened to me.

As some of you know, my sights were set on being a cricketing superstar and that’s where I put my effort and focus. As a result, my GCSE grades were disappointing at best.

To cap it off, not only had I flunked my GCSEs, but it was clear that I wasn’t going to join the pantheon of cricketing greats either.

A year of resits later and I was back on track. I had the good fortune to meet an inspirational tutor who set me on my current path. Fast forward several years and I’d successfully passed through Manchester University before emerging from Cambridge with a PhD.

This was an unthinkable outcome when I opened those first GCSE results and felt crushed!

When I look back, the combination of refocusing my energy and attention away from cricket and into my studies, and the support of a great tutor, was a life-changing turning point for me. He showed me a way forward and inspired me to see and fulfil my potential.

GCSE failure first time around really isn’t the end of the world. It will no doubt feel disappointing that so much hard work seems to have been for nothing at this moment in time. Or it may confirm that more work was needed to hit the mark.

Either way, it’s an opportunity to learn from the experience, to reset and to go again. And if, like me, you’re fortunate enough to have the support, guidance and determination to succeed, you’ll no doubt get those desired grades next time around.

For me, there is no such thing as GCSE failure. We have to turn it into a positive experience. There is no point dwelling on negativity for it serves no purpose. Interestingly, when you move on and pass A Levels, nobody will care about the resit at GCSE, including you!

If you’re wondering about next steps and how to move forward, or would simply like some advice, do feel free to contact me and I’ll be delighted to help you.