benefits of private tuition

The Benefits of Private Tuition

When many people think of private tuition, they think of privilege, cost and academic advantage. And who can blame them? Until recently, private tutors (including me!) were the preserve of the wealthier elements of society who were compounding their already advantageous positions through ‘assured’ academic achievement. However, the benefits of private tuition are much further reaching than most would suspect. Furthermore, high quality private tuition has never been more accessible to those that want it.

In a recent report relating to the as yet ill-fated National Tutoring Programme (NTP), feedback was sought from key stakeholders regarding tuition. The benefits of private tuition was captured through the eyes of the students, parents and refreshingly, their teachers.

What is crystal clear throughout the document is that the benefits of private tuition extend far beyond grade improvement in the specific subject taught. As I have often shouted from the rooftops, confidence is enriched across ALL subjects and this extends outside of school to other areas of life.

In addition, in school relationships, including those with teachers, are shown to dramatically improve. 

The students themselves ENJOY the process of being tutored by someone from outside of ‘the system’. The one to one or small group setting ensures they get attention and the approach of a private tutor is typically going to be very different from that of a teacher who is trying to manage 30+ children.

A student that enjoys learning is going to attend school and be happy to both be taught and be able to absorb the information offered. When combined with enhanced relationships and communication with teaching staff, this can act as the catalyst for a step-change in outcomes.

When surveyed, parents are in favour of additional tuition and their views of the benefits of private tuition largely mirror those stated above. The main reason for not pursuing private tuition for the child? Understandably, the biggest obstacle has been the cost of private tuition.

Which is why I believe I have the answer, and this is evidenced by the work I am doing with parents directly and via schools.

Earlier this year I introduced a new concept in private tuition called Pay What You Can (PWYC) lessons. PWYC is exactly that. No fixed fees, parents are able to simply pay what they can REASONABLY afford per lesson for their child/children.

What I have found is that this approach is opening the door to anyone who wants it and who chooses to prioritise it for their child/children.

I am working with families from all walks of life, backgrounds, job roles and ethnicity. My door is wide open to help their children, no questions asked. 

If you want tuition and are able to make a contribution, it is available to you.

There are many reasons why I believe NTP has not succeeded and a big part of that is relying on a big pot of money from government sources to pay its way.

My approach is far simpler and puts the decision in the hands of the individual (or school). 

If you’d like to experience the benefits of private tuition from a highly experienced and successful tutor, I invite you to get in touch.

To find out about my Pay What You Can lessons or to book a space you can email me at [email protected] or click here for the contact form.


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