Our Philosophy

My philosophy, and that of all at MST, is that we’re so much more than tutors. As a result, we deliver a great deal over and above pure tuition!

Have you ever been at the theatre, or watching an intense movie, and your focus is so complete that everything else fades from your consciousness?

That’s how I run my lessons. Each one is a performance of its own, designed to completely engage my student in a total focus on the matter at hand.

In reality, my students take centre stage and the lesson revolves around their specific needs, challenges and developmental requirements.

Muhammad Ali - more than private tuition
Muhammad Ali - more than private tuition

These days, it’s all too easy to assume tutors are created equal, when in fact, that is far from the truth. Yes, someone who has passed an exam, or acquired a degree, has a certain amount of knowledge. Yet learning and teaching are very different abilities!

The often-overlooked element in private tuition is experience. One must learn the craft of private tuition, for I believe it to differ greatly from other forms of teaching. To capture attention and accelerate learning and understanding requires a different approach from that which a student experiences day to day at school. It’s something that takes time to develop fully for maximum benefit of the student.

I have in excess of 10,000 hours of 1 to 1 tuition, during which time I have honed my craft and enjoyed the success stories of a great many students to date. My passion for learning, which I see as an ongoing journey, is something I impart to my students to positive effect.

Beyond tuition, my preferred method is one of tutoring and coaching in equal measure. It’s not uncommon for my students to take the reins and enhance their learning skills by demonstrably teaching the topic themselves. This is just one of many ways in which I work tirelessly to increase student confidence which reaps huge reward both in and outside of academia.

The ability to take a step back and to enable the student to relax and to achieve a mindful state, ready for studying, is key to opening up the mind for learning and inspiration. This also helps us to connect fully with the student as an individual and it’s not uncommon for sticking points to be related to things far removed from the classroom. We spend time to get to know and to understand the fears, concerns and sticking points of our students.

It’s impossible to gain the trust without listening, testing understanding, and helping each student with their unique goals and aims.

If you’re looking for private tutors with the ability to help your child to truly advance and excel in their learning and academic ambitions, we’d love to have a conversation with you.

You can contact Muhammad Ali on 0207 686 4307 or ma@mathematicsandsciencetuition.com or by clicking here.