MST’s 2018 – A Year in Review


It seems a few short moments ago that I was at my desk writing about 2017. This past year has been similar from the perspective of continuing to take MST from strength to strength.

Of course, we are only as successful as our students and I’m delighted to say that once again this year, we have witnessed some stellar results.

Grades have been exceeded and most students have gained entry to their first-choice universities, which have typically been Russell Group and has also included two students going to Oxford.

Another theme that continues is the connection between effort and results. Private tuition, delivered by a professional tutor, can have a massive impact on academic success. However, this success is delivered in partnership. I never forget that schools play their part, as do parents. Most of all, the students themselves have the most important roles in achieving their goals and aspirations. We can’t learn for them and neither can we take their exams!

It’s the student’s engagement, which ultimately makes the difference. Going through the motions simply doesn’t deliver the goods, regardless of an individual’s mental capacity.

For the team at MST, the success of our students goes far beyond grades and extends into other areas, driven by a greatly enhanced self-confidence. This has continued to be one of the things that sets MST apart from other tutors.

Our tuition and connection with students are often more akin to coaching than pure tuition, something that’s reflected in the overall demeanour of the student rather than in grades alone.

Speaking of coaching and success, the England football team exceeded the expectations of many by coming oh so close to making it to the World Cup Final. I genuinely believe this is in no small part to Gareth Southgate’s influence and his talk of writing one’s own story clearly had an impact on the players. It’s also very much in line with our ethos here at MST!

MST has continued to make private tuition as accessible as possible through the provision of group tuition, whilst engaging with a number of schools in the area local to MST HQ.

Social mobility continues to be important to us and we’ve continued to try to do our bit this year and it’s something we’ll look to expand upon in 2019.

Recent media coverage has shown that many children and young people have no faith in the concept of social mobility, which I believe to a real shame. We simply must continue to show what’s achievable, rather than seeing children give up on their aspirations before they’ve even started.

Once again,this year we’ve delivered free tuition as part of our work with The Access Project, which is an organisation geared to providing tuition opportunities to poor and disadvantaged students.

MST received recognition as being the best private tutors for the 2nd year in succession by Three Best Rated. On top of some lovely testimonials from happy parents, it’s always lovely to receive objective acknowledgement of one’s efforts.

The New Year will see the expansion of the MST team, as we’re actively recruiting tutors ofthe appropriate calibre to enhance our tuition services.

2018 has been another hectic, successful and ultimately, fulfilling year, filled with a great many highlights.

I am looking forward to what 2019 will bring and I wish every success and happiness for you and your families in what is sure to be an eventful year!