Gaining Entrance to Prestigious Schools

Have you ever wondered how many ventures are never attempted because they seem too difficult? I do, and one of the subjects that comes up often is around gaining entrance to prestigious schools.

Each year there are various articles published that tell us which schools are the most difficult to get in to. I can’t help thinking that this ‘social proof’ alone can be enough to put many parents and students off from even trying. It’s all too easy for opportunities to be thrown into the ‘unrealistic’ basket.

One small step for man…. At what point did we think it was realistic to consider leaving the earth’s atmosphere and venturing into outer space?

Can you imagine the conversation about how the first space craft to do so was going ‘slingshot’ around the moon to gain enough speed to make it back to earth?

In this context, it seems absurd to not attempt to enter certain establishments because gaining entrance to prestigious schools has been categorised as difficult.

At the start of any quest, we are always faced with a number of unknowns. This temporary ignorance is compounded by the fact that there will be important facts we don’t know that we don’t know. Think about that for a moment. How can you ask intelligent questions about something of which you know nothing, including its very existence?

We’ve all been there at some point or other, haven’t we?

So, what to do? Well, I shall venture that a good place to start is with someone who has experience of gaining entrance to a prestigious institution or has helped numerous students to do so!

In the article we link to above (here it is again if you missed it), it may interest you to know that I’ve helped students gain access to each of those ‘difficult to get in to’ prestigious schools, with the exception of those outside of my catchment area.

As with all key achievements, gaining entrance to many prestigious schools and universities takes considerable planning, commitment and no small amount of application and effort.

It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about Eton, Oxford, Harvard, Winchester or Westminster, anything is possible with the right aptitude, attitude and, of course, the means to cover the associated term fees. For those without ready access to monetary means, it’s worth bearing mind that many schools and universities offer scholarships and bursaries. This is a handy website for those seeking entry to top schools in London –

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing a student exceed their wildest expectations. Being a part of that journey is one of the most satisfying elements of my role as a private tutor.

If you have designs on gaining entrance to a prestigious school or university and would like some advice, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to offer my advice.