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The sum of my worries

I wasn’t prepared for the worry that went along with having a child. The joy. Yes. The new level of Love. Yes. The frustrations. Absolutely! But the constant worry? That came as a bit of a shock. Every emotion I feel, every experience I have with my child, is accompanied somehow with worry. Sometimes just […]

Preventing Summer Learning Loss

School summer holidays stir up a chaotic concoction of activity and emotion; the seemingly endless days, the boundless energy, the eye-popping costs, the pulling out of hair (parents!), the unmeasured pleasure of spending time with your children, the whines of ‘I’m bored’, the late nights, the house filled with an often delightful, often headache inducing, […]

Tutoring: There’s More Than One Side

I chose to be a tutor not because I can’t teach but because I can and love to teach. I made an active decision to make it my full time occupation and as a result I have a very varied and satisfying career, meeting all sorts of people. Tutoring is not solely an indulgence of […]

Create a Scientifically Inspired Homework Space

When homework and revision are a challenge for students, many parents struggle to know how they can help. One simple way you can be involved is by setting aside a place at home where your student can work effectively. Environment plays a big role in supporting your child’s revision efforts. One 2015 study by the […]

How Leicester’s Premier League win can help you to succeed in your studies

Absurd. Astonishing. Amazing. Unbelievable. Remarkable. These are just some of the words that describe Leicester City’s recent Premier League win. But, impossible? No. As their manager Claudio Raniero said when he wrote in The Players’ Tribune, “This is a small club that is showing the world what can be achieved through spirit and determination. Twenty-six […]

Counting on a Good Start: Pre-School Maths

  As dad to two daughters under-5, pre-school learning is a topic that is close to my heart. I tutor  children from as young as 6 years old so I appreciate the impact of those early years; those vital development stages before official education begins. This tender time when the foundations of all later learning are built, […]

Ten things to remember as a parent in exam season

As parents our priority is ensuring the needs of our children are met and during exam time this need is at an all time alert! With additional pressures and worries it is important you are able to provide sufficient support to help them cope. So this week we consider how, as a parent, you can […]

5 tips on making Science fun for kids!

It’s no revelation that even as adults we enjoy learning about the things we love and the interests we are passionate about. For starters, we never seem to mind setting aside precious hours to indulge in our favourite pastimes, nor do we find them a chore. In this article, we’re going to talk about how […]

Muhammad Answers: The reasons why you might need tuition

I’m Muhammad Ali and for the record, yes, that is my real name! I’m an Islington based private Maths and Science tutor and founder of mathematicsandsciencetuition.com It’s not uncommon for people to assume that tuition is purely for additional support with a specific subject. Whilst this is true in many cases, it is not the […]

School Academies Explained: The Important Things To Know

Following the recent announcement by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne that all schools in the UK will become academies by 2022, we explain exactly what this means for the education system and the changes you can expect. What is special about an Academy? Firstly, the way in which an Academy is funded is different […]

Why Science Is Essential For a Career In Medicine

Source Even for those seeking a career in medicine, Science has traditionally had a reputation for being one of those school subjects that is considered somewhat boring, evoking memories of lessons in classroom laboratories populated with the unmistakable odours of chemicals and the hissing of Bunsen burners. However, it appears that this interpretation of one […]

The rising importance of a STEM-Education

As we become further engulfed by the 21st century, it is becoming more widely accepted that a strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education will be pivotal to a student’s future success. Below are just 3 reasons as to why this might be the case… 1. Future jobs: “The Future of the Economy is […]

Levelling the playing field

Aim is a community project set up by a group of three mums who had a vision to level up the playing field, making grammar school places more accessible to all. My background is not in teaching; I am a mental health advocate and a mum of three boys ages 10, 5 and 3.  I wanted to do something for my […]

Why you should try online tuition

I have been an independent academic tutor for twenty five years now, the last two of them exclusively providing online tuition. Business is now booming and I teach many satisfied clients online worldwide. However, when I first started offering online tuition I encountered a lot of resistance from potential clients who were unwilling even to […]

Is “Average” the ultimate goal for schools?

The relentless focus on C-grades in schools grinds away at aspiration and makes achieving the average the ultimate goal I am a maths teacher working in a secondary school in East London. We have a “hit list” of 60 year 11 students in our school; their portraits neatly adorn the walls of our staffroom. These […]

Practice Makes Perfect

I recently read about an interesting experiment conducted by a table tennis coach, Ben Larcombe [1]. Ben became fascinated by the idea that one could achieve mastery by practice, not innate talent. So he recruited his childhood friend Sam, a “computer geek” without any sign of sporting talent, and put him through a programme of […]

A Real Bankers’ Bonus

Banking transactions are powered by the most sophisticated and complicated backend database, middleware, and front-end technologies. But as technologists we have to instruct these instruments by way of coding, applying logic, and maintaining its longevity. However, let’s start with one of the biggest turn-offs for most people when it comes to coding: ‘if my maths […]

Brain teaser

Click the ‘read more’ link beneath to complete the fiendish puzzle using any mathematical operation. Good luck!

Big Fat Maths!

The new GCSEs are set to come into force from September 2015; with the first set of examinations due in the summer of 2017. The massively expanded syllabus has been dubbed ‘Big Fat Maths’! This is the biggest shake-up in the secondary education system since the introduction of the GCSEs back in 1988. GCSEs replaced […]

Practical uses of mathematics

Tim Prentice – BSc (Chemistry, Computer Science), NZCE Int (Engineering) Whilst I enjoyed mathematics in school, it wasn’t until I could see the application in real world scenarios that I started to fully appreciate it. Learning about second derivatives to calculate the curvature of car panels or using the wavelength of sound and speaker dimensions […]

Mathematics in the real world

If you’ve ever wondered about the role of Mathematics in the real world, you’ll enjoy this article. An article by Dr. Jamal Uddin, University of Birmingham What is the relationship between determining whether your cereal remains crunchy and does not become soggy when lying in a bowl of milk, making chocolate Easter eggs, or in […]

Mind The Gap

When it comes to moving from GCSE to A Level, it often comes as a shock to students starting their A-levels to discover how big a step up in difficulty they are expected to take after completing their GCSEs. Nationally nearly 1 in 3 sixth-formers drop out of A-levels according to reported statistics (1), with […]