GCSE & A Levels

Whether it’s at GCSE or A Level, it always seems that the exams are off in the distant future. However, in the blink of an eye, it’s time for mocks and then the real thing.

This is especially true at A Level, where the 2 years have no sooner started than it’s exam time, then the nail-biting wait for results, ahead of university.

The gateway to your child’s university of choice is the examinations. Sure, there are lots of other things to add to a CV in order to be a standout candidate, but if top grades are lacking, that’s a huge barrier to entry.

Time moves fast, and there’s never a better time to focus on achieving outstanding grades than now.

Whilst many rely on cramming, I can tell you from experience that the students who consistently attain the best grades are working at a higher level from day one.

That’s why my GCSE and A Level tuition programmes are so successful. I provide my students with the focused tuition and specific learning techniques that enables them to solve any problem.

If you’ve invested heavily in your child’s education, you’ll want to ensure that they achieve their academic potential. I work extensively with public school students to ensure that it all comes together during the exams.

It isn’t about cramming, it’s about consistently ensuring that all key learning is retained and remains accessible.

Students that work with me have a track record of achieving not only higher level exam grades, but go on to the very best universities, typically Russell Group, Oxbridge and top US universities such as Harvard.

Students that work with me are highly likely to gain higher grades and achieve their specific aims, meaning that one of the main stressors is relieved. My approach makes all the difference. My lessons are always tailored to suit each individual and I never use a ‘one-size fits all’ approach.

High level academic achievement isn’t the preserve of the rich and famous. Whilst our education system, with its large class sizes and rapidly changes goals and criteria, can make it challenging for a child to reach their full potential, a little extra investment can work wonders for a young student’s prospects….

Did you know that one of the main contributors to underachievement is a lack of confidence? And this is closely followed by unmanaged stress and anxiety. If these things aren’t managed, an A grade student can easily walk away with Bs.

In my work with students, I ensure that they are able to recall their learnings and we work extensively on confidence. Trust me when I say that the child you see on the sports field, on stage or at the debating society, isn’t always the one that sits the exams.

Imagine your child walking into an exam hall knowing, just knowing that it’s going to go well. The positive outcome is inevitable. How do you think they feel in that moment? Confident and probably somewhat invincible!

Total belief, backed up with knowledge that can be recalled and applied will ensure that your child reaches their potential. Even a small loss of confidence can have a devastating effect on grades. I work with students to do all we can to eliminate that risk, whilst building a true confidence in the outcome.

It can be tough seeing your child so close to achieving their academic potential, yet falling a little short. I’ve seen students improve by as much as 2-3 grades in one academic year by working with me 1:1.

If your child is a whisker away from achieve top grades, I can help. As with many things in life, the devil’s in the detail, and I regularly help to ignite the spark that enables students to achieve their full academic potential.