Entrance Exams

I provide specialist tuition services for 7+, 11+ and 13+ entrance exams. Getting these right is crucial to aspirations of getting in to your school of choice.

Entrance exams are about more than grades and I help to prepare students to give a polished, all-round performance to fully demonstrate their talents.

  • 7+ – Tuition in key subjects and development of reasoning skills exacting standards
  • 11+ & 13+ – Preparation and tuition across key subjects, development of reasoning and the confidence to enable your child to shine in a very competitive environment.

How do we achieve these great results?

One to one tuition provides the focus and attention that most schools simply can’t provide, such is the pressure of class sizes and the volume of work.

By working with students directly, I spot and strengthen weaknesses, while maximising areas of strength. I also ensure that students gain the tools and techniques to be able to solve any problem independently, during course work and crucially, under interview and exam pressures.

Thorough student preparation and tuition has an amazing impact on confidence, the effects of which go far beyond academia.

“I would without hesitation recommend Muhammad.  My son suffered from a lack of confidence in his Maths and Science and so we decided to send him to Muhammad for some one-to-one assistance.  It is clear that Muhammad has a natural talent for educating and his positive manner helps him to develop a natural rapport with his students.  Muhammad has an infectious enthusiasm for Maths and Science and my son positively looked forward to his sessions.  As a result I saw a dramatic increase in my son’s enjoyment and understanding of the subjects.  This was reflected in his consistently improving test results at school and culminated in strong grades at Common Entrance to help him secure his place at Eton.  Looking forward, I have the assurance of knowing that my son has developed a fundamental grasp of the concepts and a keen interest in the subjects which will stand him in good stead.  Thank you Muhammad”

– James, Parent

“Muhammad did an excellent job helping my son, who had missed a long spell at school because of illness, with his science and maths. We had had our reservations about engaging a tutor. We didn’t want to put undue pressure on him and run the risk of turning him against the subjects. Muhammad fostered an understanding of the basic principles that has served him well, and nurtured a genuine interest in science. Far and away his greatest service to our son, however, was his help in rebuilding his confidence in his ability. He is now flourishing”

– Kenneth, Parent – North Bridge House

As someone who benefitted from an inspirational teacher, at a time when my learning was off-track, I know the benefits of great tuition. I went on to gain a PhD from Cambridge, such is the difference that a tutor can make to a young person’s life.

My mission is to pass on that same inspiration to enable the next generations to achieve academic excellence.

If you’d like to know more about how I can help your child achieve top grades and to be a stand-out candidate at entrance exams, please feel free to contact me today.

I have worked with many students to prepare them for their entrance exams who have achieved success securing places at a wide variety of schools.

These are just some of the schools:

St. Paul’s Girls’ School, Eton, Westmister, City of London School for Girls, Henrietta Barnett, Dame Alice Owens, UCS, City of London School, Highgate School, South Hampstead High School, Channing School for Girls, Queen’s College London, Wycombe Abbey, Mill Hill, The King’s School, Canterbury, Francis Holland School…