What I do and how I approach it

Evening, daytime or weekend sessions are available, with regular allocated weekly slots during term-time. Additional sessions are available in the school holidays on a first-come first-served basis. All sessions are 1 hour long, and double sessions can be booked where available. I normally offer sessions Monday to Saturday but closer to the exam period I do also offer some additional Sunday sessions. Once all regular slots in my term-time timetable have been filled I operate a waiting list system. Please call or email for current availability.

My approach is always based on careful assessment of the student’s current level of achievement and diagnosis of any underlying conceptual difficulties impeding progress. I also believe that confidence is key to academic success and helping students to see their own potential can enable dramatic improvements in performance. As a tutor it’s my role to provide clear explanations and break down concepts in a simple and straightforward way. It’s also my job to help students to be able to genuinely enjoy the subjects.

The 1:1 format enables me to cover a lot of ground on the curriculum relatively rapidly, but I also ensure students get to tackle enough practice questions to consolidate their knowledge, drawing on a wide range of text books and online resources. I also make sure I provide regular revision, revisiting topics that have previously been covered. For students preparing for exams providing coaching in exam technique can make all the difference in getting the grade they want.

I like to support students to take ownership of their own learning, providing advice on study techniques and helping them to identify the areas where they most need help. I also communicate effectively with parents providing updates and being available to discuss progress in person, by phone or through email.