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The Evolution of Learning: The Emergence of Technology

The growth of technology over the previous twenty years has impacted on all of our lives in numerous different ways. Access to the latest technology was once exclusive to the western world, however there has also been a shift in this respect and now even citizens in the developing world have access, albeit limited, to this technology. Unsurprisingly this has further contributed to the increased globalisation of the world.

The internet, which is regarded by many as the greatest invention thus far in mankind’s history has largely been responsible to this. As we are all more than aware, the internet has led to the emergence of social media, which has for the first time allowed western citizens to connect with those living in the developing world; it has also helped to increase awareness of the issues faced by these people.



The Growing Role of Technology in the Classroom

As you would expect, this technology has been utilised in the education sphere with great effect and has helped to enrich the learning experience of students both here in UK and around the world. Not only are young people’s live being culturally enriched through living in an ever evolving, multicultural society, some students are now offered the opportunity to interact with students in other countries through video conferencing, chatrooms, blogs and more, both through the medium of computers and mobile phones.

However, there are additional benefits which have been delivered due to advances in technology; revision was once considered to be one of the most difficult aspects of a student’s learning. Unsurprisingly this has now becomes more accessible for students due the numerous ‘apps’ which are available to those studying for their GCSEs and A-Levels. There has long been a belief amongst older generations that technology has had a negative impact upon the development and learning potential of young people. However, it is now possible to ensure that a student’s mind stays sharp through enrolling in online summer courses.

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