Why you should try online tuition

I have been an independent academic tutor for twenty five years now, the last two of them exclusively online.

Business is now booming and I teach many satisfied clients online worldwide. However, when I first started offering online tuition I encountered a lot of resistance from potential clients who were unwilling even to try this new technology. The ironic thing is that once they were persuaded to try it, in excess of 95% of them were hooked within minutes and declared it ‘better than the real thing’.

Let’s look at the advantages of online tuition over face-to-face tuition.

Firstly, no travelling time for either client or tutor. You just log-on in the comfort of your own home and you are away, cup of coffee by your side and relaxed and ready to go. Petrol is expensive and time a rare commodity. We all claim to have some sort of ‘green’ credentials so why pollute the world and stress yourself and your child unnecessarily?

Secondly, no pathogens! I used to get up to eight colds a year. Since I started online tuition this has been reduced to zero.  Why trail around a chilly, germ-laden environment (or invite a germ-laden tutor into your home) when you can stay snug and warm and minimise your exposure to lurghies?

Thirdly, online tuition is intensely intimate and concentrated. One major so-called ‘objection’ from the uninitiated is that they feel that their child’s attention will wander. If anything I have found the exact opposite to be the case…the younger generation are used to spending hours on end staring at screens in concentration. With headphones and a skilful tutor you are immersed in a total learning environment – the time just flies by and learning is rapid and effective.

Fourthly, the technology is so advanced now that an online tutorial is delivered in EXACTLY the same way as a face-to-face one. It annoys me when people talk about ‘skype tutoring’. That’s a bit like calling classroom education ‘blackboard teaching’ – it misses-out half the technology. Nowadays we have interactive electronic whiteboards (I use Scribblar but there are many others) on which both student and tutor can put notes, papers, mark schemes and so forth and write on them in real time. What the tutor sees the student sees in real time and vice-versa. It is identical to a face-to-face tutorial with a tutor and a piece of paper between tutor and tutee, except that you have all of the advantages listed above.

Fifthly, with online tuition you get the very best tutor rather than what happens to be available locally. Nowadays my 25 years of experience and unparalleled knowledge of the examination boards can be beamed into the home of anyone with a broadband connection worldwide.

So that’s five pretty compelling reasons to at least try online tuition. But what of the possible objections? Read more