Why Science Is Essential For a Career In Medicine



Science has traditionally had a reputation for being one of those school subjects that is considered somewhat boring, evoking memories of lessons in classroom laboratories populated with the unmistakable odours of chemicals and the hissing of Bunsen burners. However, it appears that this interpretation of one of the most fascinating subjects in the world is beginning to change among young people; this is highlighted particularly by the fact that there has recently been an increase in the number GCSE students studying science, this includes students taking science, additional science and further additional science.

This is perhaps not so surprising when you consider the fact that the sciences remain the most important subjects for those looking to win a place at medical school. However, getting into medical school is hard, especially when you consider that there are over 10 applicants for every place; therefore you need to ensure that you achieve near to maximum marks in your GCSEs and A-Levels, failure to do so will ensure that you are denied entry. However, while science is one of the core subjects for entry to medical school, you are also expected to get A’s and A*s in a wide range of subjects, especially English Language and Mathematics.

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