A Real Bankers’ Bonus

Banking transactions are powered by the most sophisticated and complicated backend database, middleware, and front-end technologies. But as technologists we have to instruct these instruments by way of coding, applying logic, and maintaining its longevity.

However, let’s start with one of the biggest turn-offs for most people when it comes to coding: ‘if my maths is terrible, am I a lost cause?’

It depends what you want to do. To develop websites and applications, your elementary maths skills. The maths you learn in primary school will see you through nicely. Thinking logically and conceptually is also very important.

To understand this you need to understand what the programmer or developer, is actually doing. Firstly they identify and define a task, setting out a number of actions that need to take place in sequence, in order for the desired outcome to be achieved.

To take a suitably festive example, say you wanted to write a simple code to create a Christmas tree with a countdown to Christmas. You’d use a series of while looping logic instructions to produce something like this:

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Mathematics in the real world

An article by Dr. Jamal Uddin, University of Birmingham

What is the relationship between determining whether your cereal remains crunchy and does not become soggy when lying in a bowl of milk, making chocolate Easter eggs, or in producing a uniform coating on your plasma TV screen or even determining the size of harmful pathogens in a sample of blood? The answer, and perhaps rather surprisingly, is mathematics. These are only a sample of problems that utilise the vast power of mathematical modelling. Almost every industry you can imagine will at some point require specialist mathematicians who will be able to simulate the problem at hand and produce answers to questions, which at times, are almost impossible to answer through experiments. A case study helps to identify exactly what mathematicians do and I have chosen this one as it is related to some of the work I am involved in.

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