Easter Revision

Easter Revision

The Easter revision course is a 2-day intensive course at 6 hours both days.

edexcelWe will be covering all key topic areas of the Edexcel IGCSE Maths syllabus and the new (9-1) maths GCSE (all boards). The pace will be intensive and we will aim to revise 2 years work within this period. We will also focus on exam technique and practice how best to answer questions according to what the examiners are looking for. Each group will be limited to a maximum of 6 and students will be encouraged to work collaboratively and discuss their solutions with each other.


The course is aimed at those aiming for at least a grade B(6).

The price of the course will be £300 (12 hours study). Full notes will be provided. To register your interest please email ma@mathematicsandsciencetuition.com or call 020 7686 4307.

The dates will be Monday 10th to Tuesday 11th April for IGCSE and Wednesday 12th to Thursday 13th April for the new (9-1) GCSE both courses will run from 10am to 5pm (with a 1 hour lunch break). All courses will be subject to demand and availability.


Ten things to remember as a parent in exam season

As parents our priority is ensuring the needs of our children are met and during exam time this need is at an all time alert! With additional pressures and worries it is important you are able to provide sufficient support to help them cope. So this week we consider how, as a parent, you can sail through the choppy currents of exam time without feeling overwhelmed with the strains and stresses yourself.

You will need to be many things for your child; their facilitator, their soundboard, their support and their parent. So here are some things to remember to help you with this during exam time.

Remember to use MST

No. 1 Remember to give them space…

Space and calm to revise is crucial. They need to feel as relaxed as they can about revising else it is a pointless task. Avoid trying to control how they study as this only adds undue pressure. They need to feel responsible for their own learning. This does not mean, of course, leaving them to their own devices and hoping they pick up a book! Ask them when they are planning to revise and how you can help with this e.g. ensuring the house is quiet at certain times or being available to test them.

No. 2 Remember planning is key…

Planning will ease their concerns as well as yours! Sit down and write a list with them breaking down all the subjects they need to cover, or help them devise a revision timetable. A plan will help them to stay focused and reduce your need to check up on them!

No. 3 Remember your exam days…

Looking back at how you coped during exam time can help give you an insight into how your child is thinking. No matter what your results were, this period was probably accompanied with worry, anxiety and even a sense of isolation. Were your parents supportive? What would you have appreciated from them? Can you give this to your child?

No. 4 Remember this is all part of growing up…

Experiencing challenges is essential for a child’s emotional development. Through preparing for and sitting exams they hone crucial skills such as patience, organisation, concentration and resilience, all of which are needed for success and survival in the adult world. Think of this time as a naturally tough but necessary phase for your child.

Private tuition by MSTNo. 5 Remember to provide all round support…

Cooking nutritious meals, having healthy snacks on standby, encouraging them to break for a cup of tea or go for a refreshing walk with you are all great for ensuring they are getting the correct sustenance mentally and physically. Be their support by letting them know during breaks you are available to them to offer assurance or distraction. It is also important to notice changes in their behaviour. Are they eating properly? Are they getting enough rest? How is their general mood? Look, listen and respond to your child.


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