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Why everything you think you know about internet safety is wrong

Digital technology has changed everything in our lives, including parenting. A whole new set of risks faces our children, from cyberbullying to pornography, sexting to self-harm. It’s not that young people have changed, particularly; but the internet amplifies many of the risks they face already and provide new, scary forms for their expression. The result […]

Stand out by seeking out

Globalisation has increased competition in all sectors of society today, this includes education. The implication of this is that grades are not the sole stand out factor for university, or job applications anymore. Institutions are looking for much more in their ideal candidate. Work experience is beneficial and necessary as a much needed reality check […]

Big Fat Maths!

The new GCSEs are set to come into force from September 2015; with the first set of examinations due in the summer of 2017. The massively expanded syllabus has been dubbed ‘Big Fat Maths’! This is the biggest shake-up in the secondary education system since the introduction of the GCSEs back in 1988. GCSEs replaced […]

Practical uses of mathematics

Tim Prentice – BSc (Chemistry, Computer Science), NZCE Int (Engineering) Whilst I enjoyed mathematics in school, it wasn’t until I could see the application in real world scenarios that I started to fully appreciate it. Learning about second derivatives to calculate the curvature of car panels or using the wavelength of sound and speaker dimensions […]

Mathematics in the real world

An article by Dr. Jamal Uddin, University of Birmingham What is the relationship between determining whether your cereal remains crunchy and does not become soggy when lying in a bowl of milk, making chocolate Easter eggs, or in producing a uniform coating on your plasma TV screen or even determining the size of harmful pathogens […]