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Tutoring and Confidence

As is well documented throughout my website, as a full-time professional private tutor, a happy side-effect of my work with students is the boost in a child’s confidence. Over the years, a large number of bright and capable students that have come to me for tuition, have started the process with their self-confidence in tatters. […]

Group Tuition

From January 2018, I will be offering Group Tuition for GCSE Maths. I am seeking to make high quality, professional, private tuition accessible to more families and students and group tuition makes this possible. While the vast majority of my students come to me for one to one tuition, I have extensive experience of delivering […]

Stressing Mock Exam Performance

As the mock exam season approaches, students often fall in to three categories: Fully prepared and confident, full of panic or simply hoping for the best. Putting aside the hoping element, for hope is not a strategy for success, let’s focus on those in panic mode for a moment. Stressing over mock exams is the […]

Private Tuition: Better than any Black Friday deal

Here at Maths & Science Tuition, we don’t engage in the Black Friday sales. The reason for this (other than we don’t need to!) is that we believe our private tuition services offer better value that any Black Friday deal available. In this article, we’ll expand on what we mean by that. Over the next […]

Is your child an academic Lewis Hamilton?

I recently put a very popular post on Facebook, congratulating Lewis Hamilton on his 4th Formula One World Championship win. It was an amazing achievement for Lewis and for his support team. It was this latter point that started me thinking about where champions come from and the journey they take en route to success. […]

Making a difference as a private tutor

It’s fair to say I know the value of a great education. You’d be forgiven for thinking that’s an obvious point of view, bearing in mind I’m a professional private tutor. Like many students, and like many young men in particular, I was on course to be distinctly below average in terms of academic achievement. […]

Crossing the Chasm from Primary to Secondary School

Finishing primary school is a major landmark for every young student. As the summer holiday fun begins, there will have been friends for life made, some tearful goodbyes and many moments captured, to live on in the memory forever. Secondary school, or big school as it was often referred to in my day, seems a […]