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Motivating your teenager

I’ve had several requests to talk about ‘motivating your teenager’, so here goes! At first, I thought, hey this will be easy because I was a teenager once. Yet, I was looking at life through a completely different lens in those days! It also occurred to me that while I spend much of my days […]

Tuition and my secret weapon

As a private tutor, I’ve been fortunate enough to have enjoyed a great many breakthroughs and triumphs with my students. Yet, every student arrives as a new face, unsure of what to expect of private tuition in general and from me, in particular. Will I be strict, or will they be able to understand my […]

Teaching English and why it matters

You’re probably wondering why a Maths and Science tutor is writing about English? Apart from also providing English tuition here at MST, I also happen to think the ability to read and to write well is becoming increasingly important. The regular English language as known by the previous generations has been under assault for many […]

Private Tuition – What are you buying?

When it comes to investing in high quality private tuition, like many things in life, not all offerings are created equal. There are plenty of part-time tutors and actors who teach whilst ‘resting’ that typically charge fees in the lower range. Because tutoring isn’t their full-time profession, they can probably afford to treat it a […]

Social mobility, education and me.

We hear so much about social mobility and education, although I can honestly say I haven’t seen evidence of it amounting to much in practice. More often than not, someone in a position of power or influence is seen on the TV, or quoted in the press, as having ideas about making life fairer. And […]

Student Stress and Exam Season

There’s no getting away from it. If you’re the parent of a teenager who’s approaching GCSEs, you’re probably in for a bit of a torrid time! Student stress and anxiety will be having a moment in the spotlight. As a full-time private tutor, it’s fair to say I witness numerous Jekyll and Hyde scenarios each […]

GCSE Preparation – Don’t be like Brexit!

With Christmas now a fading memory, the countdown to GCSE exams is underway. A new year has dawned, but this year will be no different from any other in one respect. There will be a great many students for whom GCSE preparation is unplanned, left too late and becomes chaotic. And to those students, I […]

Collaborative Learning and Group Tuition

Until recently, much of what I’ve written has been about the power of one to one tuition. However, here at Maths and Science Tuition, we’ve also been experiencing the joys of collaborative learning with our students in the form of our group tuition classes. Why group tuition and why now, you may be asking? As […]

Easter Revision Course for GCSE Maths

Here we are in 2018 and the countdown to GCSE exams is well underway! Following the success of last year’s Easter revision course, we will be running our intensive Maths workshops in April. Our intensive Maths GCSE revision course covers all key topics of the GCSE Maths syllabus (all boards) and we’ll be working in […]

Mo Farah – Sports Personality of the Year

I was truly delighted to see Mo Farah named Sports Personality of the Year over the weekend. It’s always wonderful to see people achieve based on their own talent and persistence. As a private tutor, I like to reference role models as inspirational figures for my students. It’s important to be able evidence those that […]

From Kevin the Teenager to Motivated Student

As a private tutor, I have the pleasure and the privilege to work with an amazing set of young people. Each and every one I see is, or becomes, a highly motivated student. The great results and academic success of my students is the result of a working relationship that we establish and build over […]

Tutoring and Confidence

As is well documented throughout my website, as a full-time professional private tutor, a happy side-effect of my work with students is the boost in a child’s confidence. Over the years, a large number of bright and capable students that have come to me for tuition, have started the process with their self-confidence in tatters. […]

Group Tuition

From January 2018, I will be offering Group Tuition for GCSE Maths. I am seeking to make high quality, professional, private tuition accessible to more families and students and group tuition makes this possible. While the vast majority of my students come to me for one to one tuition, I have extensive experience of delivering […]

Stressing Mock Exam Performance

As the mock exam season approaches, students often fall in to three categories: Fully prepared and confident, full of panic or simply hoping for the best. Putting aside the hoping element, for hope is not a strategy for success, let’s focus on those in panic mode for a moment. Stressing over mock exams is the […]

Private Tuition: Better than any Black Friday deal

Here at Maths & Science Tuition, we don’t engage in the Black Friday sales. The reason for this (other than we don’t need to!) is that we believe our private tuition services offer better value that any Black Friday deal available. In this article, we’ll expand on what we mean by that. Over the next […]

Is your child an academic Lewis Hamilton?

I recently put a very popular post on Facebook, congratulating Lewis Hamilton on his 4th Formula One World Championship win. It was an amazing achievement for Lewis and for his support team. It was this latter point that started me thinking about where champions come from and the journey they take en route to success. […]

Making a difference as a private tutor

It’s fair to say I know the value of a great education. You’d be forgiven for thinking that’s an obvious point of view, bearing in mind I’m a professional private tutor. Like many students, and like many young men in particular, I was on course to be distinctly below average in terms of academic achievement. […]