Levelling the playing field

Aim is a community project set up by a group of three mums who had a vision to level up the playing field, making grammar school places more accessible to all.


My background is not in teaching; I am a mental health advocate and a mum of three boys ages 10, 5 and 3.  I wanted to do something for my community, and had been exposed to the 11 plus ‘craziness’ when my 10 year old son was in Year 5. I am naturally very passionate about people having a voice and opportunities being equal, so when I looked into the disproportion of grammar places being awarded to children from higher income families compared to lower income families, I was motivated to try and make a change.

The grammar school system is a shocking example of educational opportunities not being equal, which is the opposite reason why grammar schools were introduced – in order to make education meritocratic and fair.  The tutoring culture has changed this but the 11 plus, the gateway to grammar, is two or three decades behind.

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