How to win a place at medical school

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If you’re reading this blog on the MST website or Twitter page, then the chances are you may be interested in applying to the most competitive course in the UK. With 10 applicants for every medical school place you’re going to need all the help you can get and I hope that this blog will be of use to you. I will be as transparent as possible in order to hopefully help you out as much as possible.


I applied to medical school for 2015 entry. My GCSE and AS level grades are as follows:


Chemistry A*, Biology A*, Application of Maths A*, Methods in Maths A*, History A*, Chemistry A*, Resistant Materials A*, Arabic A*, Geography A*, Religion and Philosophy A*, English Lit A, English Lang A, Physical Education A, German B (i.e. 10 A*, 3 A, 1 B)

AS Level

Chemistry A (283/300), Biology A (261/300), Maths A (294 A), Physics A (263/300), Arabic A (80/100)

UKCAT: 660

Now let’s put the grades aside for the meantime. I chose medicine because I have a deep interest in the human body and there are few careers that are as good respectable and secure as medicine. But one quick point. Don’t do medicine for the money. Being surrounded by doctors has taught me that if there is one thing that doesn’t come along with medicine (at least in the UK) is money.

But this isn’t of much use to you. I’m sure you know the reasons for why you want to do medicine. So cue the application process…

All students in the UK apply through UCAS. You choose between 4 medical schools and a 5th course that’s not medicine (which can be to a university you applied to for medicine). I applied to: Cambridge, Cardiff, Bristol and Birmingham. Here is a breakdown of each university:

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